Mission Statements for Elementary School

E. O'Connor/Bladensburg Elementary School
The mission of the Bladensburg Elementary School library is to inspire lifelong learners, advance knowledge, ensure access to information through print and non-print resources, and to meet the changing informational needs of a diverse population. So, the library becomes an integral part of the school community and provides a wide variety of resources and services to enhance student's learning. (subject to revision)

C. Coates/Panorama Elementary School

The mission of the Panorama Media Center is to be the hub of the school and have the students and staff become 21st century learners. This mission is carried out by meeting the needs of the students, teachers, and staff by providing a variety of print and non-print materials. Encouraging an appreciation of books and other sources of information as well as the integration of technology will assist students and staff with critical thinking skills and the ability to unse information effectively. (subject to revision)

J. Hummel/Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary School:

GNS Library's mission is to ensure that all users of the library become 21st century learners and seekers of information. Our library recognizes that in our constantly changing technological world, it is important to be able to think, reason, and choose the best materials to meet our information needs, whether for school, work, or fun. Our Library strives to provide a fun, educational environment for all who enter our school community. (NOTE: This statement is subject to revision.)

L. Bradley/Cool Spring Elementary School:

The mission of the Cool Spring Elementary library media center is to enhance and support the education and personal growth of students and teachers. The library provides a diverse collection of print and digital resources that engage users in order to deepen their understanding of and encourage meaningful interaction with information and literature. The goal is to develop students, and indirectly, their parents, into curious lifelong learners who are motivated and able to use appropriate resources. (subject to revision)

M.Barton/Beacon Heights Elementary School
The Mission of Beacon Heights Lighthouse Media Center is to be an integral part of Beacon Heights Elementary and the community.Providing collaboration with staff to create authentic learning for all students through quality resources and instruction to staff and students.With and inviting setting to encourage,motivate and promote lifelong learners.

S. Barnes/William Beanes Elementary School
The mission of the William Beanes Elementary library media center is to provide students a place where they will;
  • discover and experience collaboration, partnership, and cooperation
  • receive instruction that is not intimating but supportive
  • utilize cutting edge technology
  • know their questions are welcome and desired
  • be subjected to a collection infused with materials which support the curriculum, goals and objectives of our school and county, and
  • exposure to local, state and national standards which are upheld and revered.