Mission Statements for Middle School

Mona Todras, Kenmoor and Martin Luther King Middle School

The mission of Kenmoor Middle School is to teach students to be effective users of information and to encourage and prepare students to be college and career ready. The mission is accomplished by:
  • providing instruction in information literacy using solid evidence and clear focus
  • providing a welcoming, resource-rich environment to stimulate interest in reading
  • working with teachers to enrich and support educational strategies to augment teaching
  • using Common Core Standards to support the curriculum in reading, math, science, and social studies initiatives.

Jaclin Gilbert, Hyattsville Middle School (This is a work in progress at the Moment, may evolve a bit.):
The Mission of the Hyattsville Media Center is to infuse resources and technology into teaching in order to support students and staff in achieving their learning goals.

Melvina Barton, Kenmoor Middle School

The Mission of the Kenmoor Media Center is to provide materials on curriculum subjects and personal interests in print and non-print formats, to support education and research in an intellectually and culturally open environment, to encourage students and staff to become effective users of ideas and information, to collect, organize, and facilitate access of information in print and non-print formats, and to promote life-long reading and learning both for pleasure and for information.