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Bianca Johnson, Parkdale High School, Grade 9
Students read librarian selected articles from news.google.com and create an annotated biographic citation, summarizing, analyzing, tagging and sharing using Diigo and Easybib. Students write their notes for class discussion comparing and contrasting how Asian and US parents' influence their child's academic performance.
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Extra - Student presentation

Linda Felton, DuVal High School, Grade 11-12
Using Political Cartoons -
Working in cooperative groups, students will brainstorm about political cartoons and think about the five W’s and H – Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. The LMS will use project a sample cartoon and identify the five W’s and the H of the cartoon. The LMS will demonstrate sources of political cartoons and citation guidelines.
The librarian will guide students in preparing a PowerPoint presentation to be share with the class as the final product.

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Mona Todras
Grade 8
Walker Mill Middle School
TAG lesson
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Pamela Thornton, Samuel Ogle MS
Grade 8
Speaking/Listening - developing active listening skills; analyzing spoken & written word for relevant information; comparing spoken word vs reading of same text

Thelma Younger
Students will collaborate in small groups to research and gather important information about an inventor and his or her inventions by reading biographies and accessing reources. Students must examine how these inventions impacted their lives. Students will create a Bio-Cube for each of the three inventors they studied.

Mildred Smith-Evans, Northwestern High School, Grade 9 - 10
Students will evaluate web sources based on accuracy, validity and approriateness to their needs.
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Brian Halliburton
Grade 5
Templeton ES
Students will support thinking with evidence from the text by providing evidence from the text. Students will create a Voki to describe a Civil War speech. Students will create a Wordle to highlight the meaning of a Civil War era speech.