Creating Effective Formative Assessments


Our training will begin with an overview of formative assessments and why it is essential for library media specialists to assess their students. We will analyze one of our curriculum lessons for Grade 8 and discuss how the lesson fits into the Assessment Planning Tool and review the Student Data Chart. Finally, we will locate a standard from the Crosswalk Document and think about how to create instruction and assessments to support the standard. Completed charts will be uploaded into your EDMODO Groups and discussed.


Professional Reading:

"Formative Assessment Made Easy - Templates for Collecting Daily Data in Inclusive Classrooms"

Formative Assessment Examples

Checking for Understanding by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey
Rubrics: Retelling Rubric for Fiction, Retelling Rubric for Informational Text, Multimedia Project and Performance Rubric
Sample Question Stems
Self-Assessment of Group Work

25 Quick Formative Assessment by Judith Dodge
SOS Summary: Can be used at any point in a lesson. The teacher presents a statement, asks the students' opinion, and they support with evidence.
Four More!: Students summarize their learning by writing two key ideas. Then, they circulate around the room to find four more!
Write About: Teacher models Write About at the end of a lesson - after some practice students complete on their own. Collect and fill in gaps.

Create Your Own Assessments Templates:

Assessment Planning Tool - Completed

Assessment Planning Tool - Blank

Student Data Sheet Sample

I CAN Statements for RELA K-12

Sample Lesson:

Grade 8, "Two Sides: Political Cartoons and the American Revolution"


Try It!

Library Media Common Core Crosswalk RELA K-12
Assessment Planning Tool Blank