Classroom Management Techniques

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A guide to help school librarians prevent, deal with, and overcome discipline problems
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Give Me Five
This is a fun intervention for younger students. Have the child give you a "high five" slap while saying: "High Five! 2 ears listening. 2 eyes watching. 1 mouth closed."
Do the Wave
This intervention can be used with any age group. Raise your hand, then teach your group to fall silent while rhythmically clapping to this beat: 1-2, 1-2-3 (two slow claps and then three fast.) Most classes quickly learn to instantly transform from rowdy to silent. The effect of the sudden clapping is similar to a crowd doing the wave at a basketball game. Allow students to take turns performing the job of raising a hand to initiate the clapping. You end up with a very quiet room-- with no work required on your part to achieve it.
The Mouth
This device is fun with any age group, and it's quick and simple. You simply raise your hand and teach your class: "When the hand goes up, the mouth goes closed." If you wish, a student can perform the raising the hand part of this intervention for you.
Dragnet Helps
This device generates instant quiet. Sing the theme of the TV show, Dragnet: dun da-dun dun, dun da-dun dun. Teach students to be quiet in time to sing the last note with you. (The entire tune: dun da-dun dun, dun da-dun dun, dun!)
Classroom Behavior Barometer
Craft a barometer out of poster board and show green, yellow and red areas on the barometer. Label the green area as "Go," the yellow as "Caution," and the red as "Stop." Affix a moveable pointer and move it as necessary to alert the class to how well they are controlling their verbal behavior. You may use a traffic light signal instead of a barometer, if you prefer.

Ways to ask questions to the whole classroom:

  • Raise your hand to tell me.....
  • Raise your hand to share......

Using Non-Verbal Cues to Maintain Classroom Management:

Strategies for Celebrating Success in the Classroom!

PBIS! Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

(Many schools use this framework.)

Create a Class Dojo to help you maintain classroom behavior! Click the image to learn more!