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Readings That Shaped My Thinking:

Snapshot of Literacy Instruction in PGCPS

Learn our role in the Literacy Plan

Instructional Partner Role: An Exploration,from theResearch Journal of AASL, 2014
Learn how the role is seen across the nation.

Tech to the Limitby LaurenBarack, August 2015
Great graphics to use for reflection. How are your technology skills?

A Century of Change: The Evolution of School Library Resources, 1915-2015
by Annette Lamb, Mar/Apr 2015
A feel good piece that takes you back in time and shares how far we have come and how we remain relevant.

Next Year's Model
by Linda W. Braun, April 2012
Learn how to be a technology leader in your school.

Evaluation Task Force Information


Link to GoogleDoc of First Draft of Evaluation Document

Link to Survey (Deadline, October 2, 2015)