LMST April 10, 2014

Clustering Standards:

Clustering standards gives library media specialists the tools to create authentic, relevant, rigorous lesson plans for their students. At today's LMST, we discussed clustering resources to create inviting displays for students and teachers to consider for their own learning/teaching needs. Yet, we also must go deeper.

Below you will find Next Generation Science standards for each school level (ES, MS, and HS) attached to a page from our RELA/AASL crosswalk. Try to determine why these pages were selected to be connected together. (Hint: The reason is connected to the standards selected within the Science document.) Then, using both standards documents, pull out concepts (nouns) and skills (verbs) from the standards and create a lesson seed. Do this work using the Worksheet for Clustering Content Standards below. If you have questions, please email or call me - I'll be happy to assist you! Send your seed to me for inclusion for our curriculum writing. lori.carter@pgcps.org


To READ: Putting It All Together: (Thinking About Clustering Resources to Support Common Core)

To THINK ABOUT: How do these standards correlate?
Next Generation Science Standards
2013-2014 Library Media Common Core Crosswalk K-12

To DO: Clustering Worksheets: Locate a RELA Standard from the Crosswalk align with another content area standard.
Next Generation Science Standards
C3 Framework for Social Studies Standards

Once you have created your ideas - you have an aligned, rigorous, authentic lesson seed. Share your seed with OLMS for future curriculum writing!